Does My Boyfriend Still Love Me

Does my Boyfriend Really Love Me?

When in a relationship, there comes a time an individual may not be able to differentiate between true love and puppy love. So, if you often wonder whether your boyfriend loves you truly, then here is a simple guide that reveals some signs about a relation that's for keeps.

When Boyzone crooned 'Love me for a reason', they sure did get all their reasons across! After all, everyone wants true love at some point in their life no matter how much they may deny this fact initially! Girls who are on the lookout for a truly committed person may often be plagued with thoughts such as, 'Does my boyfriend really love me?' Well, to tell you the truth girls, love is something that cannot be measured and true love can be felt from within. Sometimes, words are never enough to describe one's feelings and only the vibes you share with your boyfriend may truly reveal what he feels. So, if you are still wondering if your boyfriend loves you or not, then here's a quick checklist that should help you to gauge his feelings and know where your relationship is heading towards.

Does my Boyfriend Love Me

You know it's true love when...
He always makes it a point to communicate with you. If your boyfriend loves to talk to you and listens to your joys and sorrows, he sure is taking a deep interest in you. True love is not just about hanging out at coffee shops, it's about being knowing and communicating with each other.

You know it's true love when...
He goes out of his way to make you happy. For example, you may love to watch movies and he may be more of a sports freak. If he gets you the backseat tickets for a Saturday night simply because you wanted to watch the latest release, you can be rest assured he honestly loves you! When your boyfriend makes a special effort to spend more time with you or wants to get to know you better by doing things you love, it's definitely a sign of true love!

You know it's true love when...
His priorities revolve around you. Does he make it a point to put other things on the backseat? Does he involve you in his decisions always? If you are his priority, chances are he will always hold you as the most important factor in life. Looking forward to spending weekends together or spending time with you rather than going in for a booze party would only show he appreciates time spent with you. If he has his priorities right in life, you will figure in many of his plans!

You know it's true love when...
He takes you home to meet his family. A boyfriend who intends to be more than just a boyfriend would make it a point to introduce you to people who matter the most to him in life, be it family or friends. If your boyfriend makes a special effort to help you establish a relation with his near and dear ones, then you would definitely know it is heading in the right direction.

You know it's true love when...
He remembers all special and important days. It could be anything, your birthday or an anniversary! If he remembers days that hold importance for you, then girl! You have him hooked already! A man would probably need to make a special effort to keep important dates in mind and you can be tension-free if he is a making an effort in this direction!

You know it's true love when...
He gives you the freedom to express and be yourself. If your boyfriend makes it a point to avoid dominating you and lets you be your natural self, then there can be no two ways to the way he feels. He loves you for what you are and does not wish to change a thing about you! Freedom of expression and being the true 'you' is very much required to have a relationship that's for keeps!

These are a few signs to know if your boyfriend really does love you. Always follow your heart to know what his feelings hold for you!

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  1. manolo says:

    true love and puppy love is totaly diferent, i have lived with my girlfriend for almost one year, and at the first beginning , i felt very much to know everything about her, eagering to hear her voice, but now, my passion has gone, i don’t know why, maybe i have gotten what i know and need. so what i shold do to keep our reins?

  2. eirha says:

    he dont love me :(

  3. hobo says:

    This has helped my self esteem much. All of the other websites are just childish and ask the most stupidest questions. Yet what about us that have been together for years.. Do you think that is still love..

  4. iluve yuhh says:

    i feel like if he dntt love me no more :(

  5. blahh says:

    he doesnt love me.

  6. v.v says:

    I had two big NO’s… does that mean he doesnt love me anymore or am I just losing him? v.v either way that really sucks… actually it could be 3 … bleh…

  7. Juliet says:

    O my bf luvs me : D

  8. mggg says:

    he loves me.

    he loves me

    he loves me.

  9. mwah says:

    my boyfriend loves me :)

  10. purity says:

    i felt so loved the first time we met, we met last year and he promised to take care of me , the thing is he doesn’t talk like he used to , he use to tell me how much he loves me everytym we are together but now he thinks it not relevant, but we h’v been through alot, we should love our partners no matter what until they show they really don’t love you, but love is not something you should easily give up on.

  11. candy says:

    he doesnt love me at all

  12. Time to give up. says:

    Well, I guess he doesn’t love me.
    He has introduced me to his family and he does let me be myself, but other than that he doesn’t make it a point to communicate with me or go out of his way at all really. His priorities revolve around his friends and everything else besides me. Ugh. wow. Guess I’m calling it quits, I feel like total shit now(: thanks.

  13. Becky says:

    according to this i would say he loves me…but i still cant help but have my doubts, i dont know whats wrong with me.

  14. growin a broken heart says:

    ok well what if he does all of this yet he cheated on you what should you do?

  15. angel with no wings says:

    i cant tell anymore there was a time when i would have bet my life on it and now i just dont know.. i wish there was just a solid yes or no because i cant keep going on like this for no reason. i feel like im wasting my time

  16. fitness girl says:

    You are right that love is something that cannot be measured and true love can be felt from within.
    Honestly I don’t know if he really loves me.
    Although he keeps on telling me that he loves me and he keeps on communicating with me eventhough he is far from me. I still cant help myself to have doubts on him…..

  17. catlyn says:

    he loves me

  18. ~Lexi~ says:

    I don’t know….. i know he used to love me…. but i don’t know now because we barely see each other anymore… and he says he loves me, but he barely talks to me or calls me. He says i’ve changed…. but i only changed cause i haven’t seen him in so long, and i question how he can love me….
    Help? D:

  19. Hiding says:

    i cant rate our love because…
    1. im only a teenager
    2. Nobody knows about our relationship

    Im so lost.

  20. wence says:

    i lost my true come and went at the wrong time.

  21. Charlotte says:

    shit he I don’t think he loves me. Or can this be a phase in our relationship. it’s awful loving someone and not being loved in return!!!!!!!

  22. Stuff says:

    Hiding, are you saying that your love is a secret? If that is the case, you need to get out of the relationship. I have been a guys “secret” before and let me tell you it was a mistake.

  23. XxX says:

    He doesnt love me as neva makes time for me…just would say too busii wiv wrk past few months..n me so stupid i still stick around…thinkin one day i wud b important to him n he wud stop treatin me lyk nothin…i dnt kno if im askin too much…all i jus wnt is spend some time with him n being there for me when i need someone jus to tlk to…but i guess too much askin for…

  24. ErinM says:

    Ehh…. I have these issues with mine. He doesnt listen to me, AT ALL. if I ever have a problem with ANYTHING, whether it be his lying or his breaking promises or MY issues like me getting jealous or angry about something stupid… no matter what it is, if i try to bring it up he flips out, hangs up on me, breaks up with me, etc. He recently got a new job and said he needs to start learning to control his temper for his new job, but never once has he tried for ME. And then gets bent out of shape when i say I feel like he doesn’t care. If he cared, he’d listen. If he cared he wouldn’t break up with me on a regular basis. If he cared he wouldn’t LIE to me CONSTANTLY and then get upset that i have the hardest time in the world trusting him. If he cared he wouldn’t do things that he KNEW would hurt me. He would have never spilled my business to his friends, family, and my coworkers. If he cared about me, then when I was having doubts about our relationship he wouldn’t just say “okay” and “we’re done then”- no, instead he would try to change my mind. Yet I still continue to invest in someone who has to constantly THINK about whether or not he wants to be with me. He shouldn’t have to think about it, he should just KNOW, right?
    Blah. I want to be loved again. I miss that. It’s been a looong time…

  25. *Nicole says:

    he used to do all those things but not anymore.. i guess its puppy love he fell out of love with me.. who knows!

  26. Ahh fukk says:

    SOO.. When hes around his friends, he stills hugs me. But it depends on the friends, like todayyyy…. He hugged me & talked a little but hes just so focused on his friends. I really hate that. & now he was all like “Whats wrong? Are you okay?” WHAT DO YOU THINK??? OHH YEAHHH IM PERFECTLY FINE WIT YOU NOT BEING WITH ME & CONVERSING WITH YOUR BOYS D: ughh i hate life im gonna end it all idk when, i guess on my birthday, its not like everyone cares for me. I will get one of my moms good knife & cut through my wrists first & lets see what happens afterwards… :(

  27. panda says:

    Aw my bf loves me.

    And @ahh fuck…bye…remember vertical leads to the main artery.

    REALLY. No guy is worth it so please cut it out with the attention whore status.

  28. KArolina says:

    OK, I certainly know I’m in the best relationship I’ve ever been in, in a long time. My man is a Recon Marine and it has been a distant relationship…only because of him having to travel to different parts of the world to do training and battling. We have been dating for a year now. He does go out of his way to just communicate to my by skype, I have been his #1 priority because he’s saving up money so we can one day live and start a life together after his 5 year contract ends. His second priority is just making sure he stays alive and fights for his country. Sure we may be distant but sometimes being distant in a relationship is better than those who are connected side by side, 24/7.
    Those who are in one of those 24/7 relationship, I have noticed that one person or the other gets bored, or less interested with you because you both do the same things over and over again together. Try spicing things up, take your man to some place new, take him to a football game, go take your man to an expensive restaurant. Saving up money yourself, girls, for your own man will make them appreciate what YOU do….men don’t always have to do things for the women. Women also can do things too. Don’t be the puppy dog to your man, let the man be the puppy dog and FOLLOW YOU. They will certainly appreciate what you do and will want to return the favor.

    If that person doesn’t appreciate what you do for him, then that’s a no-go. Don’t doublethink and believe that he’ll change, men will not change who they are that you want them to turn into.
    I hope this info helps for anyone who reads this.

  29. Mia says:

    Though few people want their partner to change. If it’s true love then why they want their partner to change, am really confused about this ?

  30. dermis mum says:

    Hi I would love some advice. Me and my babys father were really in love before I got pregnant and he was going to propose to me. I fell pregnant early last yeat and we had a miscarriage, we both decided we should try again so we did and when I fell pregnant I started getting mixed emotions and feeling depressed. I think I took this out on him a lot but he wasn’t very supportive and got scared and started running away from our problems. I then got very ill with hyperemesis and ended up in hospital being drip fed and he wasn’t there for me at all. I left hospital and moved into my moms leaving him a letter basically breaking up with him (I knew then it was wrong but I still did it) he was very heartbroken and tried everything to get back together by this point my hormones were raging and I kept ignoring his attempts and blamed him for me being ill. He then started breaking his promises and I had to buy all the baby stuff myself. This really made us argue and we acted like we hated each other. I am now due in 15 days and he told me only 6 days ago he has another girlfriend. He told me this on the wednesday and then ignored me so I turned up at his work place so he had to talk to me. We talked and arranged to meet the next day (sat) he came to pick me up and took me out for a chinese the same place he took me on our first date and then to the pub where we met. He was then meant to take me home but he took me shopping got me some new clothes paid my phonebill and invited me to his family party that night. We went and he was introducing me all night to everyone as ‘his babymother’ his cousin then told me that he had been messaging her telling her we were still together. After that he took me to a friends party and was introducing me the same way and fussing over me all night but he was drunk, anyway we ended up back at his and he asked me to stay and we both fell asleep with him holding my tummy. we got up the next day and he was textig the girlfriend all day until I just got up and left. I love him with all my heart and know how I acted in the beginning was wrong but we both did. I text him when I got back from his telling him how I feel but he keeps saying he is confused and wants a family but isn’t sure what to think as I hurt him so much leaving him and he thought I hated him. He asked if he could have time to think about it but then hasn’t got back to me. I don’t want to bug him but its really depressing me and I’m scared of suffering from ppd. I don’t know what to do! Any advice please!???

  31. Frannie says:

    im 21 years old and i’ve been with my hunny since i was 16. we have a one year old together. we used to be the perfect couple. always just so…happy around each other. we argued every now and then, but we always apologized within minutes. when we moved to his home town he got back together with his friend that he grew up with way before he even knew me. That’s when i started seeing him less and less. Unfortunately, I was pregnant. During this time he has “Frannie days” twice a week and “friend days” five times a week. no responsibility…just fun. he even started drinking again, which we promised each other we wouldn’t do. i almost broke up with him, but i didnt. when i went into labor i had to track him down in order for him to be at the hospital with me. he bitched the whole time wanting to go home so 26 hours after my son was born we were released and he left. he had to “celebrate”. the first night our son was home i was taking care of our newborn and trying to prevent him from downing in his own puik. it’s now a year and a half later…many fights…many “breakups” later. he drinks more often, but now he has “friend days” twice a week and frannie days the rest of the week. he still doesnt communicate with me and he seems uninterested in everything i say. he gets mad when i even ask him about how he feels. my advice would be to those who are suffering just like me…let them go. if they really really loved you..they would show it. i always like to think of it like me being treated like a princess. sadly, the more time goes by with me feeling like i’m nothing in my boyfriend’s life the more i don’t care about him. i feel like i love him, but that i don’t care if we break up or not. he’s already hurt me enough and i want to let go so bad, but for some reason i hold on thinking theres a chance and not wanting to take away my baby’s father. I probably still won’t break up with him, but my advice to all of you would be to break up with any guy who makes you feel unloved or confused enough to read this. it’ll hurt at first, but it’ll make you stronger and give you a chance at better love.

  32. help says:

    I dnt think my boyfriend loves me he got one outas that list!! I feel like he wants me to be someone else but he says he loves me but he constalty insults me but he says its a joke but I dnt take it as a joke and I used to be such a strong person but loven him makes me weak to him so I get upset easy and hurt!! I’m expecting his baby 2 and if I get upset he will make a one off his jokes or make it worse and I get that angry I would shake and then of I give out to him he will tel me to keep quite or he will leave but he just says sorry then that he just takes thick at me I need help I love him soo much but does he love me he can be great sometimes but will it change???

  33. chloe says:


  34. jade says:

    will he love me more if I change for him?

  35. dopechick says:

    I don’t think he loves me, but i love him so much’ i go to bed cryin most of the time :(

  36. shona says:

    I am crying

    I am Finished

    I will kill myself frustrated of everything

  37. parry says:

    My baby loves me (:

  38. roro says:

    he love me yeah but he have a rule on his mind that say

  39. roro says:

    he can taik to girls and me no but if i wil taik to boys i wil taik to them as friends not more because i soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lucky with him and in the same time i get shy to taik to him face to face i get shy when he tell me that he want to catch my hand and his from france he is my nabor in the bulding add for that i from turk and he is biger than me with 1 year when he tell me he want to go out in a date i get shy with aii that i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove him and he loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove me too and he so jealous on me soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mush what u think i have to do help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas

  40. Vanessa says:

    Confused love :( Puppy love or True love ?? :( :’(

  41. caboose says:

    Sereusly? Reading this thread was pathetic and halrius. Some of you girls are thretening to cut yourself for a guy!?! Sereusly? That’s just begging for attention. And come on. Your ganna base your boyfriends love for you based off a forum?!?! Its not weather your boyfriend remebers your anniversery (trust me as a guy that can be inposable to do.) And come on, of course a guy is ganna act different around his friends, maybe even talk to you less. Deal with it. The friends have been around longer, and you should just feel honored that he even let you hang out with his friends. Most guys don’t do it fir that exact reason!! Its imposable to juggle both of those relationships at the same time. Especially if you the friends don’t know you. And some of you are complaining that he dissent listen? well maybe that’s true, if they don’t listen AT ALL then you have an issue. But if they used to listen, then stopped. Think about this, its a large posibility that your either talking too much, or not talking about him enough. If he dissent talk about himself, then greening ask him. It could be that your talking to much to give him a chance.

    Just from a males prospective, thought id put in my two cents.

  42. Ninzie says:

    hmm…im still kinda confused since he does some thats in this thing and some dont :/ im confused x_x

  43. Sierra says:

    My situation is much like Lexi’s :( He puts his job before me and even works overtime, am I really that terrible to be around..? Let’s not forget the 5 min phone conversation at 11 pm every night…. that one just breaks me :( ( *sigh* I want my old bf back…

  44. bhagyashree says:


  45. Brittney says:

    He “did” love me… Not sure now…

  46. Marie JOnes says:

    I have been with my Bf for 6 years..i have meet his parents and his family and i have a really close relationship with his mother and sisters and his lil nieces and nephew..they call me aunt..but he use to do all of the things above..but now he rarely comes over and if he do it is because i asked him to..when we on the phone we barely talk to each other…sometimes he will tell me he loves me so much..but when we are on bad terms i would have to say it all the time…we have been through alot of cheating and being disrespectful to each and calling each other names,,but i think what hurts me the most is that he always think that i am cheating on him and he thinks i have sex with other people which is dumb as hell…I think i love him more than he loves me…and idk if i should just leave him alone or should i fight for our just getting tired of alot but i know i don’t want to be with anyone else…what should i do??

  47. nice says:

    im in denial right now and im mad and i want to cry

  48. zhenRui says:

    I have been together with him for about 8 months, I was the one confessing to him. Initial start was awkward as it was the second time we have relationship. He don’t really know how to care for me and ignore me most of the times. I love him so much so i tried as much as I could to not irritate or annoyed him. After about 4months being together, I finally took out the courage to ask him why he was ignoring me, he replied saying that he can’t speak to me like in the past when we were still friends, so he suggested a cool down. I agreed and broke into tears. I called my friend out for a drink. That night he came too (because one of my friend told him), we managed to talk and we become closer after that. I thought after that incident, he will treat me well.

    But during my birthday which is 7months after we get together, he didn’t get me any present nor planned anything for me( it was my classmates who planned for me and all of them including my boyfriend forked out money to pay for my expenses that day). I was thinking am I greedy to expect a gift from him or even a birthday card. I felt sad but I did not told him anything. He told me in the past that I should not expect too much from him, but deep inside my heart I was questioning myself, is this what a boyfriend should tell a girlfriend if he really love( or like) her? And the reason for him breaking up with his ex is because he thinks that having a girlfriend is a disgrace so he didn’t tell his friends that they were together and so day after day, the girlfriend cannot take it and broke off with him.

    I mean before my birthday, he was really nice to me. But ever since we have holiday (break from school) which is 8th month, he seems uninterested in talking to me even on msn or even text. Its like repeating of the past incident again, I’m in agony and really wanted to know what is he thinking, why is it like that. At times I think of breaking up but I can’t bear to…..

  49. Connie says:

    He loves me <3

  50. Tasha says:

    My birthday was today and last night my boyfriend went out worth his really drunk.. today he slept all day… And did nothing for me

  51. keke18817 says:

    i have been together with my boyfriend for 1yr and 6 months. we broke up a few days ago because he’s very insecure about me going out with friends. yesterday i found out that i’m pregnant for him and he do not take any of my calls for whatever reasons. any suggestions in what i should do?

  52. gracia says:

    I can say that he still loves me….but until now i hadn’t meet his family…

  53. gold says:

    he tells me he loves me, he introduces me to his family wheneva we a discussin on phone we interact wel but am confused because am d one callin him.

  54. Lilanna says:

    My relationship is really complicated, I have been with my boyfriend for 5 years,and I love him so much but I am not sure if he still loves me,even after reading this, he dose a lot of these things but not all the time, I am just not sure

  55. Debra Brown, says:

    Ms. KeKe18817: With the understanding that you do not want to loose yourself in a relationship or your friends that you have known for a long time, you do have to be a little accomodating to your mate. Do things that include your friends and their mates and let him get to know the fabulous people that you encircle yourself with and maybe he will be a little bit more open to your girls night out.. For to whom much is given, much is required. Ask the same of him. Give him time to simmer down, then take a quiet evening to tell him abou the baby. This has to be done without pointing fingers or shifting the blame. It is both parties responsibility to working out a way to be very much present in the life of this child, whether you decide to stay together or not. I hate this next alternative, but you can always terminate the pregnancy. Just giving the options…

  56. Debra Brown, says:

    Tasha you said it best “My Birthday”. Yes it was your special day to spend any way you wanted. Don’t focus so much on what he is doing and what he has going on more that what you have going on. I do mean “going on”. Keep things moving. Do something for yourself and truly enjoy your day,ie. lunch with yourself and drinks with some friends, maybe even dinner with more friends. Dancing and I could go on but I think you get it. Don’t even think about him and when asked “Did you enjoy your birthday”? simply answer “Yes”.And truly mean it. There is no need to elaborate…No details…Just smile. He will know he had nothing to do with it and it will make him think. Speaking from experience. It works.

  57. mini says:

    my bf loves me very much…we had sex before a week ago from that time we are are quarrling v much and i lwalys strt quarrling with him….. becze of my stupid thinking that we have sex now he will leave me…i am v upset

  58. ally says:

    he doesn’t love me :( .. he doesn’t talk to me about anything

  59. I am a confused teen says:

    Idk about my bf….. We are both 13, so nothing intense is happening( even though he wants it too but I told him I wasnt ready nd I am way to. Young) he w as ok with that, but he invites me over to his house every now and then, but At school is where I should b by him more….even though I am in 8 th grade and he is in 7th. I feel like he doesn’t even think about me anymore because he barley ecknowledes me when I walk by his locker and he used to walk me to class now he waits for his friends and. Ever sits. G
    Me at lunch And he never hugs me before I leave and he is
    Never by me outside……god,anbody have advise?i really like him but I am not sure if he still feels the same way.!?!?!!!!:’(

  60. I am a confused teen says:

    Sry, he never sits by me

  61. laura says:

    he loves me :) i have been really worried because me and my boyfriend just had our three year anniversary.. we have been through a lot, more than many i think. and he doesn’t compliment me like he used too or tell me “he loves me millions” etc but after reading this and talking to him he still feels as strong possibly more than he did before but the compliments etc. have not been so much because we have been together a long time and feels he shouldn’t need to say it as much, but chucks the odd one in to make sure i still feel good. still says he loves me :) good luck all of you x

  62. dada says:

    no one loves me.

  63. ashly says:

    I in confusion

  64. ashly says:

    still don’t know ……………

  65. Rachel says:

    I don’t think he loves me anymore. If he did, he wouldn’t do things that sent me into a fleeting depression, then rule it off as me liking “drama and attention”. I think I should really let go, but sadly, I’m so lost without him. Maybe I’ll just wake up(or die) and this will all just be some horrible nightmare.

  66. Lizzy says:

    He doesn’t love me like before. :(

  67. Laura says:

    I have been with my partner for 7years im 22 an we are about to have our 2nd child.
    I know he loves me we tell each other every day and we both consider eachother our soul mates
    He still does everthing you have listed but I dont feel like he is IN Love with me any more.
    We dont hold eachother any more we dont really have intermate conversations anymore
    But what hurts the most is we dont even kiss when we have sex he doesnt seem like he wants me
    Or wants to spend time with me what do I do.

  68. MMFW says:

    Me and my boyfriend have been together for 1 year and 4 months. He tells me he loves me everyday but very recently we have been fighting ALOT. Everytime we fight it ends up escalating to the point of where he will ALWAYS threaten to break up with me. Idk what to do because I love him and don’t want to lose him so I give in to his manipulation. I always feel like he is taking advantage of my sensitivity but then I rethink that because he is so sweet and so silly and goofy with me. He tells me that he loves me with all his heart and we always talk about our future like how we’re going to live together and where we’re going to live and we kiss and cuddle all the time. But I dunno…just recently I have felt like I couldn’t mean less to, if I talk to a boy or if I wear a shirt that shows to much cleavage he always accuses me of flirting or cheating…I love him so much and always look past the fights we have and think about the wonderful times but just recently I just dunno…we’ve broken up twice already and the second time he pulled me to the side and told me he didn’t love me anymore. But three days before he was saying he was in love with me..I need help please I dunno what to do anymore. We are dating again and haven’t broke up since then but please I need to know the truth..does he love me?

  69. tasha says:

    i dont think my boyfriend loves me anymore at the start of are relationship it was great he was always wanting to see me znd giving me loads of attention but now its so different ive been with him since i was 15 and he was 17 and now im 17 nearly 18 and hes nearly 19 he dnt really text or phone me much like 2 texts and 1 phonecall a day! when im with him he never really sits next to me or kisses me or nothin! i love him so much and its drove me to the point of nearly brking up with him heaps cause im so hurt but i cant i need him just wish the feeling was mutual! he also always hides his phone and takes it everywhere he goes even to the toilet :-( i always say i want him to start provin he loves me and he says he will gives me a kiss then nothin chnges exactly the same i hate it!he always tells me he loves me and some times i do think he does but mostly i dont think he loves or cares for me atall he seems to hate spendin time with me to its like im a back up plan if none of his mates are coming out :-/ wee also just went halfs on a staffy puppy 3 days ago its been even more different ever since but i love my little puppy :-D someone please write back i would love to know everyone elses point of view


    thanks x

  70. Confused says:

    Funny…I answered (honestly) a big yes to each and every one of those indicators, and he called off our relationship anyway.

  71. sanjana says:

    me n my bf was in big arguments as he says i dont care bout him and his feelings whereby i do everything he wants…he then said breakup but then ask me to decide at same time…i ask for a chance but now he reply my msg n answer my calls and if he is going out he msg n inform me but never meet me for 3 weeks and when i ask to meet up he says cant he is busy but got time to hang out with friends…lately he told me he was out with his cousins and when i check wit one of the mention cousin she said no….i dont know if he still wants me or i should give him time…but i am being hurt everyday without him n miss him badly..

  72. Lolly says:

    he does all those things but … its always me that has to say i love you first………. when i talk to him about it he says that he doesnt need to say it if he shows it all the time … he need to get it in his head that a girl needs to hear the words too……
    and not only that …. we need our own place but he just seems to want us to live with his mum all our lives …. shes a nice lady its just when i need my space i get him telling me off because his mums not happy about the fact that i want my space …. its making me feel trapped …. i do my best to make her happy to keep her house clean now and i dont mind that its just …. constantly have to be around her …. when i was single i had all the space i needed … now … its just killing me …. i feel like his mum is breaking our relationship … because i know at some point i will just feel that trapped i will leave … even if it means sleeping on the streets …. i just wish we could have our own place … how do i ask him without him feaking out about it?

  73. Lucky says:

    Hi , Im Lucky . And Ive Been With My Boyfriend Since I Was 15 Im Now 19 Ive Been Through Pretty Much Everything With This Boy From Cheating , Breaking Up Consistantly , Lieing Ect . But That Was When We Were Younger . He Treats Me Better Than He Used To More Like Im A Women Nd I Have Emotinal Isssues , But At Times When Hes With His Boys He Doesnt Show Much Affection Am I Just Bugging Out ? Or Should He ALWAYS Be Sweet And Loveing Even When Hes With His Boys ? I Think He Has It Easy , Because Im Pretty Understanding Just Be HONEST and LOYAL And Were Good . Sometimes I Doubt Are Relationship It Feels Like Everyone Has Something To Say About Us . I Already Know That I Shouldnt Be With Someone Who Makes Me Doubt US Or Makes Me Feel LESS than im WORTH , But Being With Him So Long Has Me Torn Like I Dont Know How To Be With Somebody elsa Trust Me Ive TRIED , I Feel Like Hes LOST Hes Been Through Alot So I Dont Wanna Hurt Him So I Would Never Think About Doing Something That Would Hurt Him ! But It Seems With ME He Doesnt Understand How i Would Feel Or If He Even Cares That It Hurts Me He Partys Nd Gets SLOPPY DRUNK , I Dont Drink But When I Wanna Just Have A Night Out With The Ladys I CANT ! I Just Want Him To Be HONEST . – Ps i think it’s time to let him go , because if he truely LOVED ME I Wouldnt Be Posting This Stupid Shit Up . Sorry If Your Reading This I Just Need Someting To VENT TO( :

  74. Michelle Waymire says:

    he doesn’t love me and apparently never did. :’(

  75. alicia says:


  76. ramsay says:

    i dont think he loves me because since he went to university the communication and actions changed.he used to call me regularly before but nowadays he calls ones in a month.the talk is too shallow.he does not want to know how am doing, so i think he just want to waste my time,pliz help

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