Falling in Love Signs

Signs of Being in Love

Have you ever gone through an intense experience of falling in love with someone? Love is such a wonderful thing that cannot be learnt or done thoughtfully. There are certain signs of being in love, which could help you understand your feelings.

Love is a holy, wonderful feeling, which is deeply rooted in your mind. It is an expression of intense feelings for another person. It makes your life cheerful and full of enthusiam. Sometimes it happens that you know a person very well. He/she is your best friend. And suddenly you start feeling that you are in love with him/her. Sometimes you get introduced to a person and as you start meeting him/her frequently, you realize that you have developed some special feelings for him/her. You experience loneliness, restlessness without that person. You don't understand what is it? It's nothing but a great, heavenly feeling what is called love.

Signs of Falling in Love

Signs of Being in Love

Love cannot be learnt or taught. Sometimes, you are not even aware when it happens. Falling in love with someone is an exciting, wonderful experience. It may also be bit confusing, if you are unfamiliar with this experience. You don't understand what is happening with you. If you know the signs of being in love, it will help relieve your confusion and understand your inner feelings.

  • When you are in love with someone, you remember him/her all the time. You go on thinking about that person and the happy moments spent together. You are not even able to concentrate on your work.
  • When you are in love, everything in daily life reminds you of him/her. When you see anything or do anything, you tend to recall the related memories of the moments that you spent with him/her.
  • If you concern a lot about someone, then it indicates that you are in love. You always care about his/her safety and happiness. You experience an overwhelming urge that he/she should be happy and comfortable and should not be troubled by anything. It becomes your number one priority. You always try to protect that person.
  • When you start loving someone, you become more cautious about your appearance. You naturally wish that you should look more attractive to him. You become attentive about your clothes and hairstyle, so that you would get an appreciation from him/her. You look more attractive and cheerful and it's because of your romantic mood. You also try to impress him/her by updating your knowledge about the current issues.
  • When you love someone, you feel that no person is more attractive than the individual you love. You even don't notice the presence of other people. Your whole attention is concentrated on that individual only.
  • Now you deny spending much time with your friends. You want to spend more time with him/her. You want to be alone and think more about your special person. Even though you are surrounded by your friends, you will find yourself constantly thinking about being with someone special.
  • When you find someone interesting, you wish to know more about him/her. You want to know about his interests, likes and dislikes and career. You are eager to understand every detail of his/her life. You also try to do the things that he/she likes.
  • There was a time, when you were cautious about time or spending the money. But when you are with someone special, you even don't think about time or how much money you spend to buy a gift for him/her.
  • Loyalty is another name for love. You want to be loyal to him/her and expect the same from that person. He/she becomes the only concerned person for you.
  • When you love someone, you tend to think about his/her expectations. You think about his/her views and needs and learn to compromise.
  • You share some beautiful moments with him/her. You feel happy and excited when you plan about going to a party or picnics, attending a ceremony together. You start discussing about the future plans.

If you have an opinion on falling in love, or need advice, please check out our falling in love advice forum where you can ask questions and get advice from like minded people who have been there and done that.

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  1. Maria Rivera says:

    OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  2. Maria Rivera says:


  3. m says:

    *sigh* I’ve fallen in love with a male friend and i am feeling rotten! All i do is think of him. I want to talk to him. To see him. To hold him. To kiss him. But it will not happen because he is taken and i will never tell him how he makes me feel :-( I wish i wasn’t in love..how i wish!

  4. G says:

    I’m a little off when it comes to interpersonnel relationships and was wondering myself if I was truely in love with my current girlfreind, having been burned in the past I was scared. I actually do all the pionts naturally. Completely without thought and it made me realize just how much I do truely love. Sometimes we all just need a little reminder. Thanks so much. G

  5. Mike says:

    Love can be a rocky path, a little guidance along the way can make the difference, particularly when the feelings start to get overwhelming (in a good way and a bad way.) This is a nice article…and I can see how it can possibly help us guys if we’re sitting on the fence a l-i-i-ttle too long.

  6. pennyalissa says:

    love,true love is not one sided,when true love happens you will know it no douts at all,it can be painfully beautiful,your punched in the stomach,you can hardly speak a word,its so powerful, it runs through your viens like your blood,but it is worth it everyone if it happens to you count youself blessed,so many people settle,i was one of them untll now,i am truely madly in love,hold on its one roller coster,you want to take in life!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. brian says:

    thanx for this. very good. there is a girl i think about all the time it is kind of crazy in a way. they were a jerk to me in HS. Long story short they did not treat me in a good way and called me names, i wanted to be friends with them though. even though i have no idea how that could be right that they are the right person. i often wonder that. i pray for them in my devotions. they are always on my mind. and it gets a little overwelming at times if you know what i mean

  8. brian says:

    i left the comment above my question to all of you is am i falling love or is my head spinning on me and trying to play a trick on me…???

  9. brian says:

    my question is am i falling in love or am i going crazy there is a girl i think about all the time it is kind of crazy in a way. they were a jerk to me in HS. Long story short they did not treat me in a good way and called me names, i wanted to be friends with them though. even though i have no idea how that could be right that they are the right person. i often wonder that. i pray for them in my devotions. they are always on my mind. and it gets a little overwelming at times if you know what i mean

  10. Mrs. Kennedy says:

    True love…is something that must be built on a stroung foundation…one with trust, compassion, sincerety,morals and values…It is something that must be nourished just as a flower must have water to survive..It can be the greatest joy and even the greatest sadness. Before you fall in love make sure you’re ready to work hard on that foundation and keep nourishing it just as you would water that flower…Best Wishes and happy falling in love….

  11. Becca says:


  12. generad says:

    …jajaja N-I-C-E
    ….now i know

    ….he’s dead

  13. S95 says:

    hm ah i am in love i think, all the things match usualy when u are in love u know it inside but these kind of things help alot :) good luck to all the peeps in love hope it works out and stays like that forever (Y) xD

  14. princess says:

    tnx for this.. it did helped me a lot.. i was quiet confused with my feelings right now.. and this somehow confirmed what i was once denying..

    i just don’t want to admit to myself that im in love with my friend because it isn’t just right and it will never be..

  15. Carlo - Iriga City says:

    thanks a lot. salamat ng marami. salamat sa dakul. I belive I’m in love with Apol V. from Nabua. I can’t stop thinking about her. She means every little thing to me.

  16. parafan says:

    so i really do love her…


  17. kianda says:

    im bisexual so the person i love is a woman .i thank u for tellin me dis but how can i love her if she dont know that i love her

  18. Ms.T says:

    I think Im falling in love, this man is on my mind all the time, I’m always talking to his brother about him, wanting to know what has he said about me. When around him I can’t think straight, I’m at a loss of words, my hormones are jumping all over the place. I had to stop hugging and kissing him because it drives me crazy. I want this man in my life for more than a friend.

  19. Autumn says:

    Thanks for this.I’m definately falling head over heels in love with a friend.I never felt like this before.And before this, I always said I refused to fall in love, now I realize you can’t stop love it just happens.I never wanted to fall in love, but now that I am, its wonderful.My heart’s been stolen and I don’t want it back.

  20. marsha mallow says:

    i think i’m in love everything match :D :D
    wid me thanks a lot =)
    me and my loverboy are the perfect two on the planet :D

  21. so nw m sure dat m in luv wid a guy who is just different frm me frm evry aspect but stil i lyk evrything abt him.thnx for helping me.

  22. Subhrojit Das says:

    The signs r completely true…

  23. Rick says:

    I’m in love!!

  24. jeanne says:

    grr. i think im falling in love, sad thing is i might have missed my chance and it is irreversable, love is a heady thing and i am, sadly, not very good at handling it. i guess not loving at all would be better for me because the man i love is unattainable…

  25. OMG!! says:

    thank you so much for this!!!

    now i now that i am really in love so much!

  26. sensitive says:

    love hurts!

  27. CB says:

    Love is such a wonderful feeling. These things that they have describe above are so true for so many people and for myself. 11 & 12, well I guess I am in love with that special someone. I think I’ve know that all along, admitting is a serious step to get over though. I guess I am going to have to make that leap!!! How long can one really put of the inevitable.

  28. Sam says:

    I just…OMG, love him so, So Much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s dating my friend, who doesn’t even have a BIT of FEELINGS FOR HIM! UNFAIR!

  29. seema says:

    ah this has helped me so much!
    i was with a guy just for 3 weeks but i knew him for 2 months..we only met up 4 times, and i never kissed or held his hand, just hugged..and that was just a friendly one too, but then we broke up and now i cant stop thinking about him! i really liked him and i still do, which makes me think i’ve fallen in love with him!
    i’ve moved on with a guy who loves me soo much its unreal. but i just dont feel the same with him. i always compare him to my ex and i always think about me and my ex getting back together..which is wrong.
    but now i just dont know what to do “/

  30. shygirl says:

    I definitely have all the symptoms, I’ve known I’m in love with this guy, all I do is think of him. The problem is that the first time I met him, it was at a party and we got really drunk,— we hooked up. Several weeks later we hanged out again and hooked up again. Now after that second time, I have come to the conclusion that I can’t seem to stop thinking about him. I want to be with him all the time, but I can’t . Our lives are very different. Also, I don’t know why but can’t seem to have enough guts to ask him out on an official date! I mean, I’m the girl here, I should be asked out… right? idk it just feels weird. What if he doesn’t have the same feelings for me. I really don’t know how to approach him. I need advice!

  31. Laura says:

    To love and be loved in return is the most complete feeling on earth. I dove into these waters and have been floating since….it will be one year May 17th and the happiest year of my life.
    I love you, my sweet Michael.

  32. mandy says:

    i think am so much in luv wit my new catch evn tho we live different towns we still make point of communicating now & then even tho’ we r not yet a couple but i can feel it deeply that we r ment 4 each other hes one cool hot guy driving me crazy already luv iz great but with the right person give it a chance guyz its worth the trial hav urselves lovable tymz

  33. pained says:

    OMG……!!!!! i jus luv him a lot,,,,,,,,bt i dn’t knw he loves me back or not……i m shy telling him about how i feel 4 him,,,can anybody plzz help me out????

  34. NIVYA says:


  35. Mis. Mclean and Mis.Svet says:

    We are in love we have every one of thows on the list to 1 – 12

  36. Ceecee123 says:

    Omg I have a guy friend that I think im falling in love with him
    i never felt like this before inyill I meet him on the first dat of school
    he makes me laugh he makes me smile he’s just a sweet boy
    but I think I wont think as him as that i always think him as a brither to and I
    cant date my own brother you know? So idk what to do im just ganna forget him and
    he’ll be like a bro to me :)

  37. Unknown Indivisual says:

    So I really do love him….<3

  38. Phati says:

    Love is so beautiful i think that its really lovely how people can feel that way about someone:)

  39. stephanie kesinger says:

    IM IN LOVE WITH MY “CUDDY BUDDY”!!!! Gilbert Chavez…. daaammnn!!! <3

  40. FireAngel says:

    Hello everyone. I have a question that has been on my mind. Can you fall in love with a person you never met but only know through the chat? Because thats what happened to me I met my most best friend in a strategy game it is more like a chatroom. The moment we talked it was so magical we umderstood each-other great. After some time hewas VERY protective of me, made me compliments, consoled me when I needed him, hugged me always, greeted me warmly, shared his ideas thoughs and secrets with me. We grew VERY close we always worry for one another when we didnt hear each-other for less than an hour. And he is everything a girl could dream for: smart,cute,handsome,caring,protective,romantic,funny,warm hearted,calm,very strong and great! He was always there for me whenever I needed him and even canceled his trainings to spend time with me staying up late at night and wakes up in the early morning. He keeps also calling me to hear how I am I love him deeply but I dont know if he does me.

  41. d'artagnan says:

    ive known this lovely lady since high school…..

    we have always had this connection since yr9 tho as things would be it wasn’t easy I was always in a relationship or vice versa it eventually got to the point where I left my school for family purposes and lost contact with her….

    I really have facebook to thank for such things to occur……

    I saw her on and off, around here and their a couple of years after leaving high school…

    its now been close to 5 and a half years and I finally found her again :)
    as my luck is still never good with her she is currently in a relationship….

    I guess to date I will never know where I really do stand…..
    but I know we feel the same about each other….

    ive loved girls.. but im in love with her<<<< there is a difference.

  42. tina says:

    i dont have any of these signs !

  43. rajita says:

    this signs r mostly happens in strong attraction too…

  44. Lovinghim says:

    All 12 signs apply. Wow. In special the sign “you do anything for him/her”. I would do anything (non-selfdestructive) for him. And I would go anywhere with him. Never felt like this before.

  45. adarshjchandran says:

    true love had a lot of problems to solve.

  46. Nusrat says:

    Im not understanding whom should i take & whom should i reject

  47. Nusrat says:

    Idont know whom to love & whom to reject

  48. Tia says:

    I think im in love with a friend of mines, and I have told him I have strong feelings for him. But I dont know how he really feels about me, and I must admit this is the only part that hurts not knowing how he feels when you are having all these great wonderful strong overwhelming feelings for him. I love him so much I wish for his love in return, I jus wanna love him and be there for him. He dont know im in love with him yet. I have to tell him, i cant hold it inside anymore! Wish me luck!

  49. Jonnay says:


    I am in love >…< thankyou<3

  50. Mysuperman says:

    ..i got most of the signs..and i know i really love him..sadly he’s too far away from me,and im longing for him so badly..and i dont know how long will i wait and hold on..

  51. harsimran says:

    good msg given by the site and these are the most attractive views for loving relations

  52. chas says:

    i think i’m falling to someone but i know if i continue this feelings of mine at the end i’ll get hurt ..

  53. Keerthi says:

    Dear adarshjchandran,

    If it’s a true you never feel a problem as a problem. About a damn issue also you will think like it’s just a kind of way to proof your self how much you true to that love.

    Hope you may find your love.

    Keep Loving.

  54. Jdub says:

    I need some advice I think im in love with two people. My daughters father I love his whole being I love him from his head to his toes, he has been in life for almost eight years. The first three were great just blissful until he started drinking and cheating but my heart was still attached. We split when I was seven months pregnant were still in love but last year he went to jail and at first I was dedicated to wait until I caught him in a very bad lie then I moved on but I still love him. This other guy is great we have so much in common and I can really be myself, we also share the same views for our future but recently we split due to him moving but I feel lonely. Now my childs father wants to reconcile and just preposed to me I love him but I question because our past but I know so much about him and im confused because I feel strongly for the other guy but that would mean leaving my ex with a broken heart and taking a chance with my heart with the new guy im scared and confused because there both great and I dnt want to hurt either one of them I really need some advice on what to do?

  55. Shilpa says:

    Hey! Umm.. I really think am nt in love.. He thinks d same too.. We just spent.. Umm 4 hrs toking daily to each oder on phone.. I havent really met him in person.. Buy i knw him.. As some1 frm my previous skool..! The weird part is .. We never get tired.. We sing fr eacb oder.. We both cry to each oder.. I hate saying bye.. Nd shhhh.. I secretly love the way his voice sounds wen he says bye.. He has tld me hes gt something to tell me , which he will tell wen hes out of his school.. Mm.. He also tld its a sng.. I rememba him telling me dat.. He wud sing a particular sng fr d girl he likes.. He tells me he dreams of me.. Almost everyday.. I hate it wen he toks abt his ex gf.. He keeps telling am special. Nd d best thing ever happened in his lyf.. Bt even fr a joke.. We dnt accept.. That we r in love.. Am
    Confused.. I dnt wnt to be in luv.. Im scared.. Love is scary.. Is dis… LOVE??

  56. gurpreet says:

    ya these all signs r true i am in love a true love but how could i tell to her that how much i love her.she is my life i cant live without her but i am scared to say my feelings to her i m scared that if she said no then i will die oh my god pls help me pls i really love her…………. hey guys pls pray that she loves me ……..

  57. Mustapha Ibrahim says:

    When you spend time with a person, you get to know their likes and dislikes pretty well. If you share these likes and dislikes, a friendship begins. As your friendship grows, you share more things with each other. If this person is of the opposite sex, you may enjoy each other’s company on a plutonic level, or you may share desires and feeling with each other, and a sexual relationship may develop. This relationship is the beginning of falling in love.

  58. Mustapha Ibrahim says:

    i am now seaching for a lover, but i meet one girl and i am scared to tell her dat i love her please who can give me some litle idea?

  59. admin says:

    If you have an opinion on falling in love, or need advice, please check out our falling in love advice forum where you can ask questions and get advice from like minded people who have been there and done that. :)

  60. marhey marga says:

    if you have to fallen in love, i tink ur gonna be crazy.. coz all the time u remember him…
    and if he doesn’t be with you feel that he has already gone.. and if your in love you make your whole day make beautiful at all.. hmmmmmmmmmmmmppppppp

  61. michele says:

    This sounds more like being ‘obsessed’ than being in love. Being in love is actually quite simple. IT doesnt require us to lose our ability to function or concentrate at work or anywhere else. Being in love is simply that feeling that someone elses happiness is MORE important than your own. We dont entertain that feeling at all times for anyone, but when we are feeling it, we are ‘in love’. Loving someone is merely when their happiness is AS important as our own.

  62. Melissa says:

    Why r guys so confusing I am so confused

  63. sameer says:

    i love u shilpa…………..

  64. Debra Brown, says:

    Shygirl you are not as shy as you pretend. The problem with this situation is you jumped into something without using your head. A man respects those who respects themselves. That respect factor has now been compromised–twice. He does not feel that he has to date you. He has already eaten the meal. This may never lead anywhere but back to bed. You can restore your dignity by not doing it anymore and give a run for it. Say “No” the next time. Let him chase you. Let him deicide that you are not just a booty call. Sorry, you have to put in the work to restore the respect….Ok, get ready, get set and RESTORE!!

  65. Debra Brown, says:

    FireAngel: This is your question: Can you fall in love with a person you never met but only know through the chat? The quick short answer is “NO”. I say that because on the internet you can be anyone you want to be. Don’t believe the hype. People tend to tell you things they think you want and need to hear so that you will continue to chat. They on the other hand use this as so type of sexual experience for themselves.He makes up htis facade and barage of incidents to make you think they are loving and giving people. Do not give out your address or phone number if you haven’t already. How do you know you are not talking to a predator or a stalker or even a sick killer….Be careful and stop being so trusting of the internet…There are better ways of dating than in a chatroom.. .Be careful and Be Safe…

  66. Ashfaque says:

    Really im in love
    ive gone mad since then i fell her every moment

  67. bonita abdi says:

    am 19 n his 25 n all the those points are sooo true for me and my hubby in 7 months-I AM SOOO HAPPY I CANNOT WAIT! (WE I MEANT)….i have been on cluod nine for the the past too years but its been tortorous for us both because although we see each once every few weeks but we have not hugged or even held hands once due to religious reasons (We’re both practicing muslims)…but good thing come to those who wait for it ;)

  68. bonita abdi says:

    am 19 n his 25 n all the those points are sooo true for me and my hubby in 7 months-I AM SOOO HAPPY I CANNOT WAIT! (WE I MEANT)….i have been on cluod nine for the the past too years but its been tortorous for us both because although we see each once every few weeks but we have not hugged or even held hands once due to religious reasons (We’re both practicing muslims)…but good thing come to those who wait for it …

  69. Sannii says:

    Well , I think I’m inlove with my boyfriend .<

  70. charlii says:

    i have a big problem, i love this guy but we now live soo far apart.. he tells me he loves me to i dont know what to do as long distance relationships often end badly and hes such a good friend. we say that we could find a way to make it work but i have some doubts that it won’t work as hes moved to new york and i lived in london it is such a big distance .. i love him soo much i dont know what to do

  71. joe says:

    Well sh*t… I’m going thru each and every single one of those. The thing that’s effen me up the most is I don’t know ho she feels, and its too early to have that talk. So what now? I just go on feelin all this for now until I find out? And hope I don’t eff it up by being too whatever. Uggghhh stupid love

  72. Juvenile says:

    I fell in love twice and got burnt ( my heart broken ) but I think that feeling is coming back to me after 8 years but I’m cautious now. The girl’s a one of a kind.

  73. km says:

    so, i know that i am inlove with him.
    that’s why i can’t remove him in my mind.

  74. roela says:

    well thnx i an in VII and i am in love wid a XI boy any tips frm which he can feel attracted towards me ????
    :) :D

  75. hena says:

    i think i am fall in love with hussnain even though i haven’t seen him from last 2 years but every time i try to think about something elese or try not to think about him i always felt like i am loosing something

    and thank u very much i helps me lot to understand my feeling

  76. Gina says:

    I’m still young (16) but I believe I’ve been in love, this is exactly how i always felt about him. It sucks I never got a chance to ever tell him before he passed away a few months ago..

  77. A girl who needs to vent! says:

    Oh, lord, I do all those things except the ones I can’t do because we aren’t together in any way. I sit facing him every day in one of my classes, and it is terrible but amazing at the same time. I didn’t even notice him really and then one day I looked up right into his beautiful eyes and ever since I am so aware of him, and I find myself disappointed if he doesn’t show one day. I don’t care that it will never turn into anything. Thanks to him, what would be a boring class was made interesting and delightfully unbearable. I’m just sad that this semester is just about over. I’m going to miss just seeing him.

  78. Archie says:

    OMG!!!!I am relle n love……these are true….i cant believe it….<3

  79. L says:

    aaaaah -_-” shit!!! i’m in love :D

  80. Big D says:

    I finally found love at the age of 27! I’ve had boyfriends in the past, but either they adored me and I wasnt feeling it or vice versa. It hurts when you love someone who doesnt even care about you. Now I found someone who is absolutely crazy about me and I feel the same way. :) For the first time in my life I’m thinking about marriage and kids. Before him, I said fuck that, that’s just hold me back. Now, I wanna grow and build something with him, my love.

  81. ms.carder says:

    so i really do love him… i can’t stand to be away from him!!

  82. Alicia says:

    Well…..this is new. I’ve had lots of crushes but now i see that I’m in love? Wow, and of all the people in the world, him and he knows I like him but he has said not one word since my friend told him…..bummer :/

  83. J.A.S says:

    So i’m bisexual and the one i love is the guy. whenever we talk i’m so happy. One day he just kept playing with my hair and when i turn around he just smiles and continues playing with it. he is all i think about i can barley concentrate on anything. as i write this all i think about is him. i keep listening to thousand year by Cristina Perri and i realized one big thing i am deeply in love with him. i always get mesmerized when i stare at his eyes and whenever he comes loser my i get butterflies in my stomach and my heart beats so fast. Thank you.

  84. tiffany says:

    dammit I’ve fallen in love with the boy i hate most once we have fought so badly and now i think about him 24/7 i don’t know how i’ll tell it to him and his reaction i’m in bad position

  85. puri says:

    omg i am just 14 and in love i couldn’t believe . is it true

  86. Ayoo Giqqless says:

    So IM 15 Gonnaa Bee 16 Julyy 30,2012 Ndd IM iN Lovee Withh My Boyyfrienddd<3 He's My Everythinqqq<33 it's All Aboutt Januaryyy 30,2012<3333 it's Always Ndd Foreverr Kindd Of Thinqqq <33 Hebrew:]<3 Awe Myy BabyyDaddiee How Muchh Lovee Himm<333

  87. Yvonne says:

    I cant believe that i actually love him..

  88. Kelsi says:

    I like a lad called jack and another girl likes him what should I do ?

  89. Okay, so me and this guy, have been dating for two months and a week exactly. I met him through a good friend of mine and I’m glad that I did. The guy I’m dating, didn’t talk to a girl for 5 years, because he was afraid of getting hurt again. But, he’s such a sweetie, he got me a gift for Valentines, and Easter. He’s constantly on my mind, and I always get butterflies in my stomach, and can’t help but smile with every thought of him. This saturday, he’s going to my dance competition, and it’s gonna be my first time meeting his mom, and I’m extremely nervous. Any tips on how to get over this nervousness? Please help, thanks!! (: -Brianna

  90. cristine may says:

    very nice…now i know that this is not just infatuation…

    thanks for this…

    God bless always! ^^

  91. nyl says:

    geezzz… please tell me that I am not in love..

  92. Tara H says:

    I just met someone and when I think about him, I can’t breathe and my chest gets tight. I thought they were panic attacks! I have been told that this is signs of falling in love so after I saw this list, it’s like, WHOA I AM IN LOVE!
    The time frame was short but it was so gradual of a change, but when I read this list I knew there was no doubt about it, thanks for letting me put in my 2 cents

  93. Krishna says:

    thank u very much guys…………….

  94. Krishna says:

    I’m in true love

  95. Renee says:

    Me And My Man Ervinq Have A Unique Relationship. We Fiqht Then The Next Second Were All Good. I’ve Been In Love Before But Theres Somethinq About Him That Catches My Attention Full Out . He Keeps Me Smilinq Even If He Mad At Me. I’ve Done Thinqs With Him I’ve Never Thouqht I Would Do. He Treats Me The Way I Should Be Treated. No Matter What I Have His Back 24/7. Noone In This World Except For His Family Can Love Him Like I Do. I Care For Him More That I’ve Cared For Any Of My Exes. And Honestly At First I Said To Myself This Kid And I Arent Even Goinq To Last A Week lol. But Were Almost 6Months And Every Sinqle Day Hes On My Mind. I Can’t Wait Till The Day Or If The Day Comes That I Will Carry The Name Renee A. Etienne. I Never Want To Loose Him. I Just Don’t Think He Knows How Much I Am In Love With Him :) And It Feels Riqht <3

  96. Inah says:

    All of this sounds soooo lovely, being in love is absolutely wonderful, the absolute best feeling!

  97. CAROL says:


  98. Rachit gupta says:

    10xxxxxxx a lot 4 ur information………..it has helped me alot………

  99. MC( My luv) says:

    i hv fallen in luv wid him i don’t believe……….bt hw shall i tell him………he already lyks sm1 else………wat shall i do??????? plz. tell……..thankz alot

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