Falling In Love With A Friend

When you spend time with a person, you get to know their likes and dislikes pretty well. If you share these likes and dislikes, a friendship begins. As your friendship grows, you share more things with each other. If this person is of the opposite sex, you may enjoy each other’s company on a plutonic level, or you may share desires and feeling with each other, and a sexual relationship may develop. This relationship is the beginning of falling in love.

If the relationship stays plutonic, you may cultivate a strong bond of friendship. One may share intimate conversations about personal feelings, such as boy or girl friends, family or business problems, good news or bad news. This personal closeness may be perceived by others as a relationship. Friendship is a relationship that must be worked at if one wants to keep it strong. The same is also true of keeping a relationship of a more loving and sexual nature. If you want to keep a relationship good, you must invest time and energy to keep it strong. Any close relationship also means an honest relationship. Not being honest with the other person is one way to lessen or lose a relationship.

There are several pros to falling in love with a friend. The awkward stages of getting to know each other have already been attained. Each person already knows if they are compatible other than in a sexual way. The beginning of a relationship is a strong emotional time, and being friends can help make this a very enjoyable time. After the sexual attraction, each person must decide whether they want to continue the relationship. For couples that begin without first being friends, this is the next stage of the relationship, determining whether or not each person is friendship compatible.

If there is compatibility between the two people, then the relationship may continue for a long time, as long as each person contributes to the growth of the friendship. This is the true relationship, the magic of two people sharing their lives together. From the opposite point of view, there are some cons to falling in love with a friend. The person you fall in love with is a very close friend, someone you developed a strong friendship with, and that you confide in. One may find the sexual relationship awkward, and this may lead to a broken friendship. Once two people enter into a sexual partnership, and the relationship does not last, the friendship tends to suffer.

Each person sees the other in a different way, and the closeness of friends may then feel awkward because of the intimacy. I have had the privilege of being involved in both situations. I fell in love with someone before we became friends, and I had an enjoyable relationship. Unfortunately, it did not last because we did not have a compatibility with each other. On the other hand, I developed a strong friendship with another person, and eventually fell in love. This is a lasting relationship to this day. Point of interest is that either situation could work for you. It just happened that a friendship turned into a loving relationship for me.

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  1. Elizabeth , Antoinette says:

    This article has opened my eyes to distinguish the difference between a relationship with friendship , VS. the relationship which lacks compatibility. Thanks!!!

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