Love Letters to Write to a Boyfriend

Love Letter Writing Guide - How to Write Romantic Love Letters

What can be more romantic than sending a handwritten love letter to your loved one, full of romantic words and genuine feelings you have for him? Learn how to write the perfect love letter that brightens your romantic relationship...

What can be more romantic than sending a handwritten love letter to your loved one, full of romantic words and genuine feelings you have for him? Love letters are one of the best ways to show your special loved ones how you feel for them and how much you love them.

A heartfelt love letter also makes the perfect gift for Valentine's Day, but you don't have to just limit yourself to that specific day. Every day is a great opportunity to make your loved one happy by sharing your deepest feelings with him/her.

Love Letter Saying Sorry

The great thing about love letters is that you don't have to be a poet or a skilled "writer" to be able to write them. Everyone - and I really mean "everyone" - can do it.

Because they are just about putting your romantic feelings into words genuinely - even in very simple words. This openness is what makes love letters special.

To write a more romantic and heart warming letter, here are some questions that will give you good ideas to write about:

Idea #1:

What was the first time you felt you were in love with him? Did anything special happen that made you realize your love?

You can describe in clear details how it happened and how you felt and it will mean the world to your loved one. I promise. :-)

Idea #2:

What is the #1 thing he has that makes you feel so much in love with him whenever you think about it? It could be about looks or about personality.

For example you may say "the way his face shines when he smiles", or "the way his eyes always bring peace and love to me when I look into them."

Idea #3:

What positive changes have you made since he has entered your life? What valuable lessons have you learned from him?

For example it could be that before you met him, you were pretty shy and didn't fully believe in yourself and your unique abilities, but he helped you love yourself more and be proud of who you are.

When your loved one reads this, she will practically feel on clouds because he/she sees what a big difference he had made in your life.

Idea #4:

It's also a good idea to include a heartfelt romantic love poem at the end or the beginning of your letter. Sometimes nothing can show how we feel better and deeper than a good poem.

Idea #5:

And as the last tip: Don't forget to say "I Love You" at the end of your letter. This simple yet effective sentence will really seal the deal in your loved one's mind.

Wish you a wonderful life full of love,

About the Author:
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By Ladan Lashkari
Published: 11/26/2006

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  1. i vl surely follow al dese tips n vl try to xplain him dat how much special is he for me

  2. roslinah says:

    to marie joy villanueva
    it isnt often that i say hthis but i wanted to thank you for being agood friend u are always willing to listen when i need to talk and always ready to organise something fun when i need break youy are one of the most important people in my lyf!!!!


  3. k-wizzy says:

    i have a boyfriend who is very quite and he seems he’s afraid of me.
    but his the one who told me that’s he love’s me. wht should i do?
    send the answer to my gmail account.
    thenk you

  4. star says:

    Me and my boyfriend too far from each other. He always jelous on me and easy to get mad, sometimes twice a week happen and i really don’t like of figthing him. I’m afraid to lost my control and….”I broke our relationship!”

    what should i do? what a perfect words to tell him to believe me and love me more and more?….
    please help me..

    looking forward your email on my Yahoomail account.
    thank you and more power.

  5. crystal says:

    me and my boyfriend were dating in 2010 from october till the end of january 2011. he asked me out 4 of june so now we’re dating and im scared to lose him. because when we were recently dating in 2010 we kept breaking up all the time and i never wanna lose him again but im scared.

  6. I'mYours says:

    These are pretty helpful, they really helped me to write my boyfriend a love letter :)

  7. zainab says:

    i have a boyfriend his name shahid kapoor i love him very much

  8. zainab says:

    i have boy friend he loves me alot but i have family problems so send me some ideas how we have to
    handle the suituation
    thak you

  9. shrfrds says:



  10. jessica hackett says:

    im so scared of loosing my boyfriend… he means the world to me… i dont want to loose him i love him and he loves me….
    what should i do?
    please send the answer to my gmail account

  11. Sam says:

    Hello Star…
    I used to have a boyfriend who was in the Army College, training to go into the Army, and i’d see him every six weeks ish. But it put a huge strain on our relationship, because yes although speaking on the phone and writing is better than nothing, seeing each other, being able to kiss and cuddle is so much better. But don’t worry the arguing will eventually fade away, my ex got very upset all the time, thinking i was going to cheat or that i was cheating but you just have to keep reassuring him that you would never do that, and that if he loves yo he should trust that you wouldn’t do that. Because that’s what love i made up of, trust. :D
    Hope everything’s gone well.
    Just realised you wrote it in march.
    Good Luck, <3

  12. bailey says:

    LoL . I love my boyfriendddd (:

  13. Sarah says:

    The guy I’ve been dating for the past 6 months has changed my life… I never knew what love really was until I met him. I was so afraid of being lonely when I got older. I always love writing him letters and post on his wall on Facebook cute videos or little sayings. He is literally my everything, I don’t know what I would do with out him <3

  14. Mimi says:

    I love my baby boy with all my heart, we have ups and downs but I truly love him:)

  15. Joanne Needham says:

    I have my own boyfriend called John Sellwood that,s his name and he is very sweet and strong guy who will look after me very well if I am scared something in the past that I don,t want to hear it anymore cos it,s very upseting on me so I want do want to be with John Sellwood forever if he ask me to marry him cos I will always love him alots in my hole heart and never leaveing each other all alone as how I feel that so myself and John are same age with 26 years old that,s is very good betweent us and he hasn,t been my flat yet cos he want to see me for weekends if he is not busy for weekends then he could spand more time with me in my flat and watching films together and make cup of Tea in Afternoon so I am really do missing him so much and so he aswell because he wants see me alots so we are very happy together now in relationship and friendship aswell

  16. lyn says:

    I have a boyfriend his name is Jeremy and it will be 1 month tomorrow and he is really sweet if someone messes with me he would stand up for me.I love him and he loves me I havent got to see him since school let out but the only reason I go to school is to see my boyfriend.I cant wait for school again it will be 4 months when school starts and he will do anything to keep me happy…..when we had our first kiss we kept kissing over and over he is the better than my last boyfriend.

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