Signs That Someone May Want To Break Up With You

It is indeed a challenge to make a relationship last very long. However there are various factors that can lead to a breakup. You would be surprised to know that there are many people who are unaware of the signs of breaking up and try to drag an already dead relationship on for long.


Whenever a couple is heading for a split there are always tell tale signs that provide the clues for the breakup.


Here are some of the Signs That Breakup Is Inevitable


  • A very important sign that someone might want to break up with you is when they start ignoring you all of a sudden. They will be trying to come up with some excuses or the other for trying not to meet you. They will start avoiding your presence.


  • Showing lack of respect towards you is also a sign of a breakup. Relationships sustain and grow only when the partners show mutual respect. When there is lack of respect and understanding among coupes, it could be a clear indication of an evitable split.


  • When someone constantly breaks promises and keep telling lies, it is time to end the relationship. When people are in a committed relationship they try and fulfill all their promises. However when a person does not keep a promise in spite of been reminded, it indicates a lack of importance been given to a relationship.


  • If your partner is always looking for ways and means to hurt your feelings, it is time to end the relationship forever. When they are always in a bad mood when you are around and behave happily otherwise, it would be good an indication from someone that they want to get out of that relationship.



Although breakups seem inevitable at times, it would be less troublesome, if you are able to pick the tell tale signs of a breakup.

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